Video Update

Delayed Patch, Server Wiped

There is no official Rust update today, as they ran into a bunch of problems with the Unity 5.6 update. I have gone ahead and wiped the server anyway as FP wiped their official servers also. Stayed tuned for next week’s patch, as there will most likely be another wipe if they fix the Unity issues. Read more about the issues from Garry on the Rust Devblog. Video Update No video update this week.

Rust Update 139

This weeks patch is choc full of fixes and optimizations. There is now stricter placement of High External gates on terrain. They have also added skin voting for items right on the main game interface when you join. Start liking your favorite Rust Workshop skins! There are also a handful of exploit fixes included in this patch. Thanks Facepunch! A few items are cheaper to cost in this patch: Mace Salvaged Sword Custom SMG The most notable change this week is that the Facepunch team has disabled the Legacy branch.

Rust Update 138

This weeks patch is a good one. The Facepunch team has added back Caves and all servers have been wiped! Along with the addition of the Caves system, they have also added a new pistol, the M92. Currently it can only be found in Helicopter Crates and Supply Drops. Many other changes have been included in this patch like better loot tables for components and Building Part construction cost reductions. Here is the list of parts that have had their costs reduced by at least 1/4 and up to 1/2 the resources!

Rust Update 137

This weeks update is pretty small compared to most, although it lowers the cost of crafting burlap clothing, as well as the mining hats and candle hats. Airdrops have been slowed down a bit, and no longer drop ammo, so better get out there and get them when you see them! Other than what we have mentioned, there is a bunch of new concept art and animations on the Rust Devblog to check out.

Rust Update 136

This weeks patch brings with it a bunch of bug fixes and some changes to hydration. There are also a handful of items that cost less to craft. Codelock no longer requires 400 wood. Crossbow requires far fewer components. Bota bag is cheaper. Water purifier is cheaper. Revolver is cheaper. One of the most notable fixes in this patch is the lighting on the furnaces. They now only light a small area in front of them.

Rust Update 135

This weeks update brings in the new Hazmat Suit redesign and tweaks some of the settings to the Radiation system to balance things out so that if you are wearing a full Hazmat Suit, you should take any Rads. The problem is that the suit takes up all armor slots and does not give much protection, so you better be quick about it! Aside from that, there are a lot of fixes this week in regards to last weeks big changes for the component system.

Rust Update 134

This weeks update removes the new(ish) XP system in replacement of the component based crafting system that has been in the works for a few patches on the pre-release branch. All blueprints are now open by default, but some most of the higher end crafted items will require 1 or more specialized components. Radiation is also back in full effect, or at least the current effect. There are plans in the works to raise these levels to make the Hazmat Suit more of a requirement in some areas.

Rust Update 133

This weeks update is pretty light on the Live build, but has some cool updates added to the Pre-release branch and some teasers on upcoming content additions. To start off, the devs have finalized what items will require components and have updated them all on the Pre-release Branch. So, if you don’t like the component system or are interested in it, head over and opt-in for the Pre-release branch to check it out.

Rust Update 132

This weeks update gives a first look at the Rust Steam Workshop integration. This will allow players to create and submit their own skins easily to the Rust Steam Workshop. There have been some new components added to the pre-release branch for those interested in testing out the new component system more. Last weeks patch apparently increased the map load times when connecting a bit, so some optimizations have been done there this week to reduce the load time by 6x!

Rust Update 131

This weeks update adds the new Natural Caves to the map on pre-release. That must mean we should be seeing them added for the next map wipe. It also adds the new MP5 gun to Live servers with an included buff to the silencer to drop it’s audible range by over 50% and actually hide tracers. The LR3000 rifle is now craftable due to popular demand, which should up the gunplay on most servers.

Rust Update 130

This weeks update enables Double XP until the new component system is ready, w00t! It looks like the new update video format is here to stay for now, so we will be including them in our weekly Rust Update posts. This week also includes several new items on the pre-release branch including a Recycler item and the Component System. There are a ton of graphics and performance fixes in this patch as usual.

Rust Update 129

This weeks update includes a cool new format for this weeks update summary in video format. Video Update For those who like to read about the updates, there isn’t really much to read about other than what is in the Changelog below. The main idea of this update is fixes and optimizations. The thing that stuck out the most to me in this update is that Stone Gate gibs are now stones instead of logs.