Rust Update 137

Posted November 24, 2016 by Rust Blog ‐ 1 min read


This weeks update is pretty small compared to most, although it lowers the cost of crafting burlap clothing, as well as the mining hats and candle hats. Airdrops have been slowed down a bit, and no longer drop ammo, so better get out there and get them when you see them!

Other than what we have mentioned, there is a bunch of new concept art and animations on the Rust Devblog to check out. You can read the changelog below.

Video Update

As usual here is the Video Update to wrap things up for this week’s patch.

Changelog 137

Fixed object deploy sounds not changing volume with game volume
Added a bunch of new item UI sounds
updated positioning of world water bottle & bota bag 
updated jog right anim to work better with bottles
updated water bottle vm anims
Halved cost of burlap clothing
Reduced cost of candle/miner hat
Airdrop no longer spawns ammo
Airdrop falls slower