uMod Plugins & Commands

uMod Plugins and Slash Commands for Players

Rustocalypse runs a plugin suite called uMod, formerly known as Oxide, which adds a great deal of functionality and customization to our server. Some plugins that we run allow for players to run slash commands in their chat window such as /kit, /sethome, and /home. There are so many slash commands available on our server at this point that we decided to make this page as a helpful reference for players on our server as it’s hard to see all the help text in the in-game chat.

Admin Radar

The Admin Radar plugin is used by our admins to track unusual player activity and see things that we normally would not be able to see without a plugin such as where sleepers logged out.


The Backpacks plugin allows players to store additional items on their player in a backpack providing extra inventory space. This helps reduce the amount of times you need to run back to your base while out exploring.


An easier way to use the plugin is to bind a key to open and close the backpack. Open the F1 console and type the following to bind the b key to open your backpack.

bind b


The BGrade plugin allows players to upgrade building pieces like walls and foundations as you place them for a period of time by using a slash command instead of having to build each piece as twig and upgrade it.

Disable Bgrade

/bgrade 0

Upgrade to Wood

/bgrade 1

Upgrade to Stone

/bgrade 2

Upgrade to Metal

/bgrade 3

Upgrade to Armored

/bgrade 4

Crafting Controller

The Crafting Controller plugins allows us to control the speed of item crafting. Rustocalypse has crafting set to Instant.


The Friends plugin allows players to add each other as friends and manage a friends list on the server. The Friends plugin integrates with other plugins to allow other functionality to be enabled related to friends on the server, such as sharing Tool Cupboards easier and other features.

/friend add name
/friend remove name
/friend list

Furnace Splitter

The Furnace Splitter plugin automatically splits ores into equal stacks and adds enough wood to the furnace to smelt the stacks. There are some options to configure how you want these items to stack in the game HUD while a furnace is open. The slash commands for Furnace Splitter basically turn turn it on/off and give the status of the plugin.

/fs on
/fs off

Gather Manager

The [Gather Manager] plugin allows us to set custom gather rates for resources gained from loot containers, mining quarries, ore nodes, and resources scattered around the map. The only command available to players is to list the current gather rate.



The Godmode plugin allows our admins to investigate issues in-game without taking damage from players or in-game entities like the Attack Chopper, Scientists, or Bradley APC.

Image Library

The Image Library plugin is a helper plugin that provides an API for managing images that is used by the Server Rewards plugin to provide the icon images for the items in the store.


The Kits plugin allows us to provide some basic survival kits to our players. Some are reusable per wipe and others are available multiple times per wipe, but with a cooldown.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a basic survival kit that is currently available infinitely on each wipe. There is a cooldown for this kit.

/kit starter

Starter Base Kit

The Starter Base Kit is a one-time use kit per server wipe that helps players get their frist base setup quickly.

/kit starterbase

Magic Panel

The Magic Panel plugin provides a customizable HUD display that we can provide additional in-game information to players on their game HUD such as active air drops, players online, sleepers, cargo ship status, oil rig status, and more. The only commands available are to turn Magic Panel off/on or view the help text.

/mp off
/mp on


The NTeleportation plugin allows players to teleport to other players and locations on the Rust map. Players can also set a home and return to their home using this plugin.


The /listhomes command allows players to list the homes they have set. This is an alias of /home list.



The /sethome command allows players to set a home. Replace name with the name you want to name the home. This is an alias of /home add name

/sethome name


The /removehome command allows players to remove a set home. Replace name with the name of the home you want to remove. This is an alias of /home remove name

/removehome name


The /home command allows you list homes you have set, set a new home, return to a set home, or remove homes you have set. Replace name with the name you set for your home.

/home list
/home add name
/home name
/home remove name


The /tpr command allows players to request teleporting to other players. Replace playername with the full or partial name of the player you want to teleport to.

/tpr playername


The /tpa command allows players to accept or deny teleport requests from other players.

Bandit Camp

We have enabled a direct teleport to the Bandit Camp using the /bandit command.



We have enabled a direct teleport to the Outpost using the /outpost command.


Raid Tracker

The Raid Tracker plugin is used by Rustocalypse admins to track detailed information about raids on player bases in case we need to investigate anything fishy.

Remover Tool

The Remover Tool plugin allows players to remove building and entity objects with a slash command. It is also configured on our servers to refund some of the original materials used to craft building pieces, but many other entities will be refunded directly to your inventory.


Server Rewards

The Server Rewards plugin allows us to provide some early game in-game items with fun skins that do not provide an advantage to our players. Players gain reward points as they play on the server. Type /s to open the rewards store, view your rewards points balance, and redeem some rewards points.

/rewards check

Stack Size Controller

The Stack Size Controller plugin allows stack sizes to be controlled by the plugin instead of the Rust defaults. Rustocalypse tries to allow any items that can stack to stack. If an item doesn’t stack on our server, it probably doesn’t or doesn’t stack without causing an unfair advantage.