Rust Player Guides

We started out by adding some Rust game guides to help Rust n00bs, but we have since started adding reference guides for any Rust player looking for specific details on a topic like our Rust crafting components guide.

Rust Crafting Components → The new component system opens up all blueprints for crafting, but many items require special components. See what they are here.
Rust Console Commands → Client Variables and other client related Rust Console commands that players can run in their Rust game console (Press F1).
Rust Keybinds Guide → The No Nonsense Rust Keybinds guide is an easy and proven way to change and add new binds to your Rust gaming experience.
UMod Plugins & Commands → Commands that Rust players can run to change settings in uMod plugins that they have permissions to on Rustocalpyse and other Rust servers.
Rust Player Tools → Helpful tools for Rust players.