Server News

Rustocalypse Has a New Server Host and a New Website

Rusty Skulls has a new Rust server host. The old server host was limiting the server memory usage which was causing random restarts. We have upgraded to a dedicated server which we hope will be a solid investment to grow the community on both our Modded and Vanilla servers. The new dedicated server gives us the opportunity to try out some new plugins as well as possibly run a second Rusty Skulls Vanilla server.

Delayed Patch, Server Wiped

There is no official Rust update today, as they ran into a bunch of problems with the Unity 5.6 update. I have gone ahead and wiped the server anyway as FP wiped their official servers also. Stayed tuned for next week’s patch, as there will most likely be another wipe if they fix the Unity issues. Read more about the issues from Garry on the Rust Devblog. Video Update No video update this week.