Server Rules

Rusty Skulls is a pretty chill Rust gaming server community, but there is a simple list of common sense rules that if broken will lead to an instant permanent ban from our Rust servers and Discord server.

  • Any banned player will be reported through the RustAdmin tool to warn other Rust server admins about the player. They will also be reported to Facepunch.
  • Any other players found to be grouped with players who have received a ban in any way may also be banned and reported through RustAdmin depending on the incident.
  • Additionally, players found to be playing on alternative accounts who have been banned previously will be instantly banned on sight for ban evasion. Those alternate accounts will also be reported to RustAdmin and Facepunch.

1. No Hate

  • Rusty Skulls has an instant permanent ban policy for racism, bigotry, and other forms of hate.
  • Players will receive an immediate permanent ban from our servers through RustAdmin and Discord for any sort of hateful behavior observed by our admins or found in our logs.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, team chat, in-game signs, paintings, server text chat, voice chat, Discord text chat, Discord voice chat, and Steam profiles. Do not try it or you will be banned without warning permanently and reported through RustAdmin to the whole Rust server administrator community.

2. No Hacks, Scripts, or Exploits

  • Rusty Skulls has an instant permanent ban policy for hacking, scripting, and exploiting.
  • Players observed to be obviously hacking by our admins will receive an immediate ban through RustAdmin and be reported to Facepunch for investigation.
  • Players observed to be possibly hacking will be reported to Facepunch for investigation.

3. No Toxic Players or Asshats

  • Rusty Skulls has a strict ban policy for players who are toxic to our server community. Toxic players may be given up to 1 warning to stop their toxic behavior. Players who continue to be toxic will be permanently banned from the community through RustAdmin and on Discord. Players who are overtly toxic will be receive an instant permanent ban.

4. VAC, Game, and RustAdmin Bans

  • Players who have been banned before are not welcome in the Rusty Skulls server community.
  • Players with VAC, Game Bans, or RustAdmin bans may be banned automatically without warning.

5. No Advertising, Religion, or Politics

  • No advertising, religion, or politics of any kind. Most of us play Rust to avoid these things. Take it somewhere outside of the Rusty Skulls community.

6. Respect All Players

  • You have all been given an equal opportunity to play on Rusty Skulls servers, so don’t ruin it for yourself by being an asshat.