Rust Update 125

Posted September 1, 2016 by Rust Blog ‐ 1 min read


The much anticipated graphics overhaul has landed in this weeks patch. It also adds the new bone armor item and a new map called SavasIsland. Savas is conventional Rust on a tiny map. This weeks patch also fixes a longstanding exploit where players could use high gamma settings to see better at night. It is noticeably darker at night now. Don’t forget to bring a torch or a miner’s hat. There are also some sneak peaks at the new MP5 model and some more teasers of the player vending machine over on the Rust blog.

Changelog 125

New lighting.
New Map: SavasIsland. Conventional Rust on a tiny map.
Fixed and improved SavasIsland_koth.
Gamma cranking is fairly fruitless now.
New LR300 sounds
More sound polish
Fixed god rays
Fixed distorted water reflections
Fixed particle motion blur
Fixed TSSAA occasional darkening
Fixed climate color grading
Monuments and dungeon artwork from last 2 months
Reworked bone armor
Deer skull mask
Added Cactus Flesh
Improved weapon firing rate frame rate independence
FPS counter now updates in menus as well
Color grading is now forced on all clients
Weapon owner mismatches are now logged to the combat log
Fixed swimming in tunnels being a pain in the ass
Added WIP lighthouse monuments